Dan O'Shea was hired by UPS on January 20, 1979 as a sorter until November, 1981 when he became a fulltime package driver.

He has been faithfully married to his wife Anne for 25 years, since July, 1979.

Four children raised proudly:

Ryan, serving the general public as an emergency medical technician in South Carolina. Colin, serving the general public in the protection of our country in Iraq. Erin, ending her senior year in High School, and Megan.


1979: Hired as part-time unloader, moved to the sort and several months later became a preloader.

1981: November. Became a full-time package delivery driver.

1988: Qualified to driver feeders. Did so off and on until 1990.

1990: Withdrew from the feeder qualified list and returned to package delivery.

2002: Returned to the feeder qualified list.

2003: May 13,2003, terminated on discriminant, non-existant and immediate, without notice policy changes.

2003: August 19, 2003. Despite Arbitrator David Vaughn decision that there was no cardinal violation and was awarded back-pay, the Arbitrator and Panel determined to circumvent the CBA and deny Dan O'Shea's right to have a warning notice before discharge. In effect, Article 7 and 50 now carries no weight for the membership.

Also the decision was due to former Local Union 639 President Catlet's refusal to investigate upon Dan O'Shea's four requests for investigation by certified letter.

2003: November. The Members United Slate, a new slate opposing Catlet/Steger printed up 3,000 copies of Dan O'Shea's website, describing Catlet's failure to represent him and what the decision meant for all UPS Teamsters nationwide. Catlet/Steger after over 20 years in office, were voted out.

2004: February. O'Shea lawsuit against UPS, to right a wrong not only to him, but for UPS Teamsters nationwide.

2005: Local Union 639 and the new officers, the Members United Slate, who campaigned on Dan O'Shea's unjust discharge do an 'about face', deciding to use the memberships dues money to fight Dan O'Shea's lawsuit that would overturn the violation of the contract that gives the members a right to a warning notice in non-cardinal infractions. The Local Union is now using the members' dues money to help UPS keep an unlawful decision on the record.

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