It's no mistake that 90% of tallied votes by Union members stated they believe the Panel does not rule on merit but on 'deals'. Who to get rid of?

An unjust termination. A wrongful discharge.

Unfortunately, many employees/union members make the fatal mistake and say "It'll never happen to me" and while doing so turned a blind eye to the employee it was happening to.

Many a discharged employee after experiencing a trumped up panel hearing has been heard to say, "I didn't think it'd ever happen to me!"

This is the flaw that UPS and the Teamsters grab and take hold of - an apathetic "majority" who they divide and conquer. To the favored side of the division they lay out false assertions and allow that side to point to the assaulted victims of the other side and say "They deserved it."

The assaulted side goes home to his/her family with a lost job, lost health and welfare and no retirement.

The favored side goes home another day justifying the loss of his union "brother" or "sister" by saying, "At least it wasn't me."

But one day there is a 65.5% chance it will be you.

65.5%. Almost bet on it.

It is a system based on wanting to kick out a majority of union members before retirement matures. No union retirement benefits (or less benefits to pay out), no union health and welfare in old age, and if there is a work injury that the company must keep paying on, the early dismissal may prompt the union member to ask for a one-time permanent payout, again minimizing the damage for UPS.

The list could go on if we mentioned how UPS and the Union benefits by new blood - to them its like Christmas day and New Year's day in one tidy present and wrapped in a ribbon of lies, deceit, dishonesty, collusion and corruption. Out with the old and in with the new!

Unfortunately, the current climate at UPS and the Teamsters for most employee/union members is, as stated, "It won't happen to me" - a rather naive assumption.

Consider the World War II Bomber crews. 22 to 28 missions normally spanned their career. 4% of the bombers on each mission DID NOT survive. A 96% rate, pretty good? Oh if only it was one mission.

But with each mission, these bomber crews met the rate of diminishing return. With each mission, their probability and chance of survival lowered 4%. Their second mission - a 92% chance of return. Third mission - 88%. Fourth mission - 85%, tenth mission 66%. IF they survived going into their 12th or 13th mission, half of a normal career, they were going out on a mission of which they had a 58% to 61% chance of survival rate - with each subsequent mission reaching above a 50% chance they would not survive, never to be seen by their loved ones again.

Liken that to the average UPSer, placed in a system where the survival rate is almost equal. For you union drivers, look around at your center, how many drivers still are around from just 2-3 years ago, or just 5 years ago that you knew?

It was startling when I looked around and it has to be startling to you.

It is a system that survives on loss of attrition. Whether physical or mental, UPS and the Union have devised a system where the majority will not survive.

Consider each year of a UPS driver as a bomber mission. The first year, 4%, second year 8%, fifth year his chance of survival is 82%. "Not bad" the driver says to himself as older drivers disappear. "At least it's not me."

But it will be, says the probabilities.

With each passing year, the driver doesn't realize with each succussful year passed, a new year of diminishing returns arrives. Either he will break down physically or mentally, or the most likely possibility, UPS and the Union will look at him as the new "target".

For this now aged UPS driver's probability or chance of holding onto everything he's worked for, retirement, health and welfare benefits etc., is greatly reduced. Unlike the WWII bomber crew, it is not the bullets of the Luftwaffe or anti-aircraft fire from Germanic ground but the assault of non-negotiated hidden policies, trumped up charges and collusive UPS and Teamster panels that prevent the UPS driver from completing all his missions and calling it a successful career.

A change in the system is required. Where does the change in the system come from?

Go back to the WWII bomber crews. They were given one-week off after every five to six weeks on. If a crew ahead of them never returned, their off-week was bumped up one week.

When bomber crews moved up, they did not rejoice. They mourned. This is the difference between the survival instinct between the bomber crews of WWII and present day UPS drivers. Not only did the crews mourn for their lost ones, they well understood they themselves could be lost.

Unlike the bomber crews, when one UPS driver goes down, other drivers move up and relish their new seniority position. Better routes to choose from. Better vacation weeks to bid on, and, well, "At least it's not me."

But it will be.

Until UPS drivers understand that, the UPS and Teamsters system of attrition and assault will continue. There does not have to be corrupt panels, non-negotiated "hidden policies" or dishonest trumped up charges that the Teamster Union refuses to investigate. Where is there a proper "Appeals Board" or the proper "Investigatory Commission" or even the lawful requirement that policies MUST be negotiated?

If a bomber crew survived his 29th mission and headed out to its 30th, its probability and chance of survival and return was a paltry 29%. They dodged the assaults successfully more than most.

If a UPS driver survived his 29th year and headed into his/her 30th, his/her probability and chance of survival and reaching retirment and all that was worked for is a paltry 29%. They dodged UPS' and the Teamsters assaults more than most but would they survive the final distance especially in a system UPS and the Teamsters designed to target so that only a few would survive?

Until UPS drivers begin to take a stand both against UPS and the Teamsters and demand honesty, integrity and fairness, the every day delivery driver's probability of survival with each passing year diminishes.

That day is reached only when each currently active UPS Teamster mourns the loss of each "targeted and assualted" union member.

That day is reached only when each currently active UPS Teamster understands one day "it will be me" - because the chances are high it will be, in the current collusive system that heavily favors UPS and the Teamsters.

To put it in proper perspective, line up 9 of your union coworkers and look at each one of them. Pick out 3 and those are the number that will make it to retirement.

Look at the other 7. Those are the ones who will be assaulted by the current UPS/Teamster system and will not survive to retirement. They, their spouses and their children will never see the full or perhaps any, of the retirment, health and welfare benefits well-earned by that union member.

If you are a union member, it is time to get involved in Changing the Collusive and Corrupt System Designed by UPS and the Teamsters against Union Members.

Join the National Alliance of "Brown" Employees and Retirees INC.   N.A.B.E.R..

"There is something very wrong going on here in America, where Americans are concerned with terrorism abroad yet at the very foundation of this country corporate terrorism is becoming a chronic symptom that is terrorizing men, women, children and families, wherein these companies hide behind unions, charities, social and political organizations with donations, buyouts and givebacks to protect this new kind of terrorism. These corporations have learned well it’s much cheaper to buy off at the top of the organizational level than to pay off many more and much more at the lower individual level. At this point in time in America, they well understand there is no voice for the American worker or his/her family to hear their plight or give justice to their voice."
    - Dan O'Shea

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