The following are Bio's of "Unionists" who have and are making an impact in "Revolutionary Unionism". They have either the knowledge to empower Unionists, have used the knowledge to help others or both.

Douglas Chapman | Gregory A. Butler

Douglas Page Chapman Sr.

Mr. Chapman has successfully fought both the Teamsters and UPS for the return of thirty-five (35) million dollars in retirement funds diverted from and/or denied to retirees. It was UPS' and the Teamsters' "business unionism" that denied such funds and "revolutionary unionism" that returned those funds. From many a retiree comes a hearty, "Thank-you Doug."

1959 through 1995
    1959 to 1961 UPS Full-time Positioner/Router, IBT Local 705 Louie Peick Secretary Treasurer
    1961 to 1961 Signal Delivery (Montgomery Wards) Package Car Driver, Local 705 Independent – Ed Fenner,
        President absolved into IBT Local 710 in 2003
    1961 to 1962 Peter Wheat Bakers Drove Home Delivery Bread Truck, IBT Local 734
    1962 to 1967 Darling & Company, Tractor-trailer driver/spotter, then Route Driver picking up bone, tallow and
       grease, IBT Local 708 Ferdinand Berndt President, Absolved into IBT Local 710.
    1967 to 1995 UPS Feeder Driver, IBT Local 705 Louie Peick, Dan Liguorotis, Trusteeship, Gerald Zero,
       Stephen Pocztowski.
Activities in retirement 1995 to present
   1995 to present retired with Reciprocal Pension’s from IBT Local 705 (Terminal Plan) and IBT Local 710.
   Started PUPS. Inc. with eight (8) friends that is a club of UPS retirees only and those qualified to retire with 25
      years or more service in IBT Locals 705, 710, IAM Local 701.
   Active with DOL/PWBA and the IRS Non-profit arm in Dallas, when Wanda Chapman would be denied five (5)
      years of my pension if I died within five (5) years of retiring. This was an illegal 10 Year certain pension reduction.
Active in Federal Court with 92 C 7042, 95 C 0828 objecting to Settlement Agreement with 160 petitioners.
      Thirteen (13) million culled out of Settlement Agreement. (Prevailed)
   Active with first of ten (10) retirees who retired before they were fifty-two (52) with twenty-five (25) to twenty-nine
      (29) years UPS service. This was age discrimination, violations of SPD, Plan Documents and CBA. (Prevailed
      in all cases)

   Active with Paul Mounts an old friend who was forced by the Local 705 and UPS to take a disability pension that
      reduced the amount of workman’s compensation UPS was liable to pay him. When Paul finally settled many
      years later we appealed the collusion and coercion and got his pension increased to the twenty-five (25) and out
      he deserved, doubling his monthly pension. (Prevailed)
Active in Federal Court with 98 C 7944 with DOL/PWBA investigator Jim Johnson with John Fraschetti and Bob
      McGinnis two (2) retired Freight drivers returning twenty (20) million dollars back to the Local 705 Pension
illegally removed under an illegal 401h maneuver over 5 years under two separate groups of Officers/Trustees.
Active with six widows and DOL/PWBA Investigator Jim Johnson to get hundreds of Freight Widows denied five
      (5) years of their deceased husbands pensions and one death benefit denied All widows received a total over
      one (1) million dollars.
Active with two (2) friends in 2001, when two (2) UPS Corporate individuals flew to Chicago from Atlanta to meet
      me in the restaurant I chose, to attempt to intimidate and coerce me to stop helping my Brothers with their
      problems ascertaining their UPS Medical Benefits in retirement. (Prevailed)
   Active with a Local 705 UPS Driver and an IAM UPS Maintenance man each having over thirty (30) years service,
      who were terminated then denied their earned medical benefits after jumping hoops to get their jobs back before
      retiring. Contacted the DOL/PWBA in Atlanta after exhausting all administrative remedies. (Prevailed)
   Active with two (2) retired UPSER’S suffering ADA, ADEA, and Retaliation against them by UPS Corporate in
      Atlanta with the EEOC in 2003. (Pending)
Active with appeal of five (5) UPS retirees cheated out of bonuses instituted in June of 2003. Result was Twenty-
      three (23) retirees got $634,000.00 inside of six months of the appeal. (Prevailed)
   Active with a friend whose idea it was to start NABER Inc. in 2004, so we could communicate with UPSER’S
      nationally. Results thus far exceed expectations.
   Active with UPS IAM Local 701 mechanic who decided to retire with Twenty-eight (28) years service June 01,
      2006, because he was injured and on workman’s compensation for over a year (medical ran out) and wouldn’t
      be rehabilitated enough to return to work. Hewitt Associates who runs the UPS medical Claims center in
      Lincolnshire, IL. Lincolnshire told him he wasn’t entitled to medical coverage in retirement and "don’t call them
      again". Appealed to UPS Corporate. (Pending)

Gregory A. Butler

Auther of "Behind The Brown Curtain". This is one of the most in-depth and profound articles ever written
   concerning the "convenient" partnership between UPS and the Teamsters, where, for the Teamster hierarchy,
   "Business Unionism" takes precedent over representing their members
It's a wake-up call, alarming, yet
Author also of
   "Disunited Brotherhoods: ...race, racketeering and the fall of the New York construction unions", available
   at iUniverse now.
The book discusses the long sad history of discrimination and gangsterism in the New York
   construction unions.
Mr. Butler knows the New York construction unions from the inside. An African American union carpenter with 13
   years experience in the industry, he's worked on over 100 jobsites - including the reconstruction of the American
   Express Tower after September 11.
He is a member of local union #608, United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America, and a graduate of
   the NYC District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College carpenter apprenticeship program. He is also    the founder, owner and moderator of the Gangbox: Construction Workers News Service on the yahoogroups
Mr. Butler is also a lifelong New Yorker - born in Chelsea, raised in Far Rockaway and presently living in West
"Butler may be the only working member of the trades to have ever risked blacklisting by actually writing a
      -- Prof. Robert Fitch, LaGuardia Community College.


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